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                                        Kitikmeot Heritage Society
                                        Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

During the years 1996 - 2001, while serving as a volunteer Director of the Kitikmeot Heritage Society, David Pelly took on many new initiatives and cultural projects for the Society, including:

·    A combined archaeological and oral history project at Uvajuq (Mount Pelly);

·    The commissioning of print artist Elsie Anaginak Klengenberg to produce 20 prints depicting the legend of Uvajuq. These prints were subsequently used in a documentary film, in a book, and in an exhibiytion mounted by the Winnipeg Art Gallery;

·  The production of three documentary films, co-produced with award-winning filmmaker Vic Pelletier. The legend of Uvajuq, stone carving and drum dancing were the subjects of the documentaries which comprise the Kitikmeot Series. The series was broadcast in French and English across Canada and Europe;

·  Co-publication of Uvajuq - The Origin of Death, a book based on the legend recounted by elders from the Cambridge Bay area, as reconstructed from the elders’ accounts by David Pelly, and illustrated by Elsie Klengenberg. The book is available through booksellers across Canada, distributed by Betelgeuse Books (http://maxpages.com/betelgeuse);

·    A traditional knowledge project on seals and seal-hunting;

·  A combined traditional knowledge and archaeological project at Iqaluktuuq, Nunavut. The Kitikmeot Heritage Society initiated this long-term project, in 1999, in partnership with Dr. Max Friesen and the University of Toronto's Department of Anthropology;

·    Construction of a combined regional museum, archives, cultural centre and public library in the community of Cambridge Bay;

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