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Since the late 1970s, David Pelly has been travelling, living, and learning in Canada’s Arctic.  He has researched and written extensively about the land and its people, the culture and history of the North.

David has written several books, scores of magazine articles, and a number of research reports.  Much of his work has been based on the traditional knowledge of Inuit elders, information shared with David by Inuit friends and acquaintances over the years.  David’s accumulation of tape recordings and written field notes comprise a substantial contribution to the oral history record in Nunavut.  Similarly, his photographs have documented the land, the communities, and the people across much of Nunavut.

David led his first Arctic expedition in 1977, beginning a northern career spanning more than 30 years of wilderness travel by canoe and dog-team in the barrenlands. He is a modern-day explorer of the northern cultural landscape, both physically and via documentation of Inuit traditional knowledge. He has led numerous canoe trips in the barrenlands and participated in several other expeditions, notably dog-sled trips in the High Arctic and winter hunting trips across the barrens with Inuit friends.

He is among the most experienced and widely published writers on northern cultural subjects in Canada..
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