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                                       Inuit Art

No one could spend a significant amount of time in the North without becoming fascinated by Inuit art.  David has acquired only a modest collection, but he has had the opportunity to work with several artists across the North.  He has written magazine articles about artists and their work, and on a few occasions he has been involved more profoundly in a specific project focused on a particular artist:

1999 – Proposed and helped organize an exhibition of a unique series of stencil prints by Holman artist Elsie Anaginak Klengenberg.  The prints were originally created for use in a documentary film.  The exhibition, “Elsie Klengenberg: The Legend of Uvajuq,” was mounted by the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Subsequently, David organized for the exhibition to tour across Canada and to Japan during 2000-02.  The print series from this exhibition is reproduced in full colour in Uvajuq: The Origin of Death. (See Books)

1998 – One of  the documentary films in the “Kitikmeot” series – created, written and co-ordinated by David – was about the carving of a large soapstone sculpture by Inuk Charlie.  The film followed Inuk as he listened to Neeveeovak, an elder in his home community of Taloyoak, tell a legend about an old woman who adopts a polar bear, and then through the artist’s process of depicting the story in stone.  (See Documentary Films)

1986 – Co-curator for an exhibition of drawings by Baker Lake artist Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik, organized by the Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario, which toured nationally.  Many of the drawings in this exhibition were reproduced in full colour in the book Qikaaluktut.  (See Books)

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