David F. Pelly   
Writer, Researcher, Historian, Photographer      www.davidpelly.com



Over the years since 1980, David Pelly’s work has been published in a number of sole-authored books, other collaborative volumes, several collections and anthologies, and scores of magazines in Canada, the USA and Britain.  He has also been a regular contributor to Above & Beyond magazine, Canada’s Arctic Journal, since its inception in 1989.

His freelance work for magazines has taken him to several corners of the globe: Lesotho in southern Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Guatemala, Scotland, England, Greenland and Iceland.  His books, however, and most of his magazine work, have focused on Canada’s Arctic.

To view a PDF of an op-ed article about the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, published in the National Post December 27, 2005, click here.

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