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       Some quotes from the many reviews published of
                                 Thelon:  A River Sanctuary.

Thelon: A River Sanctuary is among the best books ever written about northern Canada's wilderness."

"A classic that will endure through the years ... a must read!"
Alex Hall
Canoe Arctic Inc.

"What is very clear is that with this work, the culmination of a lifetime devoted to the North, Pelly wanted to convey a luminous vision of the river."
M.T. Kelly
Books in Canada

"It's a toss-up what's more enjoyable: reading about the Thelon River's pristine arctic wilderness, or about the colourful cast of characters it has lured over the years ... It's all here."
Winnipeg Free Press

"superb ... exciting ... scrupulously researched ... some wonderful little gems ... hits all the right buttons."
The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing

"Thelon is a captivating, highly attractive and lively narrative ... [but] the author's message is a serious one."
Wildfowl & Wetlands (UK)

"Pelly writes in the introduction to this book that the Thelon is a place of mystery. He is able to convey that mystery to the reader. This is a great book for someone who has wide ranging interests and the imagination to be swept away to another place or time."
Katherine Robinson
CBC Radio

"Thoughtful, well-written, with vivid detail ... and a fascinating collection of historical photographs."
Canoe & Kayak

"The only single book that recounts the complete story of this river is Thelon: A River Sanctuary by David F. Pelly. From the geologic history, to the Aboriginal and European history, to the formation of the Thelon Game Sanctuary, it is all in this book – the  bibliography alone is worth the price."
Bill Layman, canoeist, writer, thinker.

"A lovely and intelligent, comprehensive book."
Barbara Boote
Little Brown Publishers
London, England

"Real good!"
Archie Larocque
Barrenland trapper &
RCMP special constable, 1930s

"It is an excellent book. I enjoyed it particularly knowing the life of the trapper in the Northwest, which I never forget. But a reader does not have to be a trapper to enjoy this book. It is well-written, entertaining, and it transported the Thelon right into my home. I have read it already two times, and I will certainly read it again."
Helge Ingstad, Norway
Barrenland trapper, 1926-30
author of The Land of Feast and Famine

"It captures exactly the feeling of being there ... had me almost weeping with longing to be back."
Pamela Morse, Ottawa

"As exciting as a well-plotted novel ... goes a long way toward explaining the almost magnetic pull the North can exercise on people."
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

"... magnificent . . . The Thelon itself is very much the hero of this book. Definitely recommended for the arctic bookshelf."
Above & Beyond
The Magazine of the North

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