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David F. Pelly Writer, Researcher, Historian, Photographer

Magazine Articles
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Through the 1980s, and ‘90s, and well into the 2000s, David was a prolific freelance writer. Magazines had not yet been superseded by the internet, and magazine readers had a greater appetite for longer in-depth feature articles. While the great majority of his articles focused on Canada’s North, other freelance assignments took David to Lesotho in southern Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Guatemala, Scotland, England, Greenland and Iceland.
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A list of the magazine articles written by David F. Pelly, published during the period 1978–2009.

(See also the list of articles published in Above & Beyond)
Arctic In Colour, "A New Historical Site in the Northwest Territories"  Fall 1978.
Like It Is, "The Commonwealth Air Training Plan"  Winter 1979.
Canadian Musician, "Tom Mawhinney - The Farm Market Folksinger"  April 1980.
Canadian Defence Quarterly,  "Military Education In Canada"  Summer 1980.
Canadian Consumer,  "Bilingual Education … Fables"  October 1980.
North/Nord,  "George Back"  Winter 1980.
Canadian Yachting,  "Navigation Skills Could Save Embarrassment"  March 1981.
Outdoor Canada,  "Seeking the Canadian Wilderness"  May 1981.
Canadian Geographic,  "The Living Barrens"  June 1981.
Canadian Yachting,  "Navigation - Position Parlance" January 1982.
The Atlantic Advocate,  "Don't Ever Catch Up!"  January 1982.
Canadian Yachting,  "Navigation - Correcting Compass Error"  March 1982.
North/Nord,  "The DEW Line"  Spring 1982.
Canadian Yachting,  "Navigation - A Mysterious Error in Your Steering Compass"  June 1982.
Canadian Shipping,  "The Rigours of Arctic Supply by Sea Today and Yesterday"  November 1983.
Canadian Yachting, "Northern Lights" (re lighthouses), March 1984.
Caribou News, "Barnabus Pirjuaq Is An `Old Hand' At Helping Biologists"  August 1984.
Canadian Geographic, "Ship-time!"  September 1984.
Caribou News, "Interview with John Killulark"  December 1984.
Outdoor Canada, "At The Mercy Of The Arctic Wilderness"  (with Margaret Taylor),  January 1985.
Caribou News, "Interview with Alex Illasiak"  April 1985.
Northwest Explorer, "Traditional Inuit Camp"  Spring 1985.
Caribou News, "First Results of Radio Collaring"  August 1985.
Inuktitut,  "Memories of a Boyhood at Garry Lake" (with Hugh Tulurialik)  Fall 1985.
Northwest Explorer,  "Fishing New Waters"  Winter 1985/86.
Inuktitut,  "Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik: Her Dream Comes True"  Winter 1985.
Canada Journal,  "Keewatin: The Accessible Arctic"  January 1986.
Up here,  "Tuktu! Inuit Caribou Hunt"  February 1986.
Northwest Explorer,  "The Historic Sites of Baker Lake"  Spring 1986.
Caribou News,  "Southampton Islanders Push For Increased Quota"  August 1986.
Northwest Explorer,  "Journey Across Wild & Beautiful Southampton Island"  Autumn 1986.
Nature Canada,  "Where Inuit and Biologist Meet"  Fall 1986.
Northwest Explorer, "The Wonders of Wager Bay"  Winter 1986/87.
Caribou News,  "Interview With Joe Shavigatta"  December 1986.
The Geographical Magazine (Royal Geographical Society),  "The Caribou People"  March 1987.
Northwest Explorer, "Chesterfield Inlet - The Original Keewatin Settlement"  Spring 1987.
Royal Canadian Military Institute 1986 Yearbook, "Future Bounds - Will NATO Evolve Into An Atlantic
Community?"  Spring 1987.
Sailing Canada,  "Sail Kayaking - The Ultimate Northern Experience"   April 1987.
Northwest Explorer,  "The Keewatin Wilderness"  June 1987.
Up here,  "Inuit Silattuqsarvingat"  July 1987.
Sailing Canada,  "Goombay - Sailing a Remote Corner of the Bahamas"  Sept 1987.
The Globe & Mail, "Unearthing an Explorer's Puzzling Past"  30 October 1987
The Beaver,  "Wager Bay - A History and A Future"  Oct/Nov 1987.
Canadian Geographic,  "Mystery of the Sadlermiut Inuit"  Oct/Nov 1987.
Sailing Canada, "Sailing the Windwards"  November 1987.
Paddler, "The Kazan"  December 1987.
Sailing Canada, "Where the Sun is Warm, and the Ice Doesn't Melt"  January 1988.
Villagers,  "Special Report: Lesotho & the Canadian Connection"  (7 feature articles)  March 1988.
Northwest Explorer,  "Repulse Bay - Smack On The Arctic Circle"  Spring 1988.
The Geographical Magazine (Royal Geographical Society), "Surviving in Two Worlds"  April 1988.
Canadian Geographic, "Old Fort Franklin"  April/May 1988.
Sailing Canada,  "Kingston's Great Lakes Marine Museum"  June 1988.
Kanawa, "The Keewatin Wilderness"  Summer 1988.
Northwest Explorer, "Old Fort Franklin"  Summer 1988.
Sailing Canada,  "Ben Verburgh - The Model Man"  July 1988.
Traveller, Book Review: "The Eskimos"  Autumn 1988.
Canadian Geographic, Book Review: "The Living Arctic"   Aug/Sept 1988.
Sailing Canada, "Trade Wind Sailing"  September 1988.
Travel - A la Carte, "St. Lucia"  September 1988.
Northwest Explorer, "Spring Dog-sledding at Moraine Pt. Lodge"  Fall 1988.
Caribou News, "Opposition to Mining Exploration Increasing in Whale Cove" February 1989.
Traveller, "Arctic Journey"  March 1989.
The Beaver, Book Review: "The New North"  April 1989.
Caribou News, "Interview with Tagak Curley"  April 1989.
Caribou News, "Whale Cove Community Profile"  April 1989.
Canadian Geographic, "The Kazan: Retracing ancient footsteps through the Arctic Barrens"   Aug. ‘89.
The Geographical Magazine, (Royal Geographical Society)  "In the Face of Adversity"    January 1990.
Canadian Yachting, "Northwest Passage: Sailing on Great Slave Lake" March 1990.
Destinations, "The Arctic by Dog-sled"  March 1990.
Canoe, "Down a Wilderness River" July 1990.
Canadian Geographic, "The Fox Moth - Legend of the North"  October 1990.
Canadian Geographic, "Pond Inlet" February 1991.
Canadian Geographic, Book Review: "Across the Keewatin Icefields"  June 1991.
Canadian Geographic, "How Inuit Find Their Way in the Trackless Arctic" August 1991.
Paddler, "The Canoe as a Vehicle of Discovery"  November 1991.
Canadian Geographic,  Book Review: "Animal Rights, Human Rights"  Dec. 1991.
Up here,  "Living History at Chesterfield Inlet"  August 1992.
Canadian Geographic,  Book Review: "With Ptarmigan & Tundra Wolves"  Nov. 1992.
Canadian Geographic,  "Dawn of Nunavut"  March 1993.
Canadian Geographic,  Book Review: "Ducks in the Wild" & "Mallards"   May 1993.
Equinox,  "Iceland's Spell"  October 1993.
Canadian Geographic,  Book Review: "Dead Silence"  November 1993.
The Great Outdoors, "Sharp Edges, Hard Lines--Backpacking in Iceland" Jan 1994.
The Geographical Magazine (UK), "Dawn of Nunavut" April 1994.
Canadian Geographic, "Inuit Wings over Ungava" May 1994.
Canadian Geographic,  "The Faces of Nunavik" January 1995.
Canadian Geographic,  "Book Review: Arctic Artist" March 1995.
Canadian Geographic,  "Treasures of an arctic artist"  July 1995.
Canadian Geographic, "Barrens Oasis"  March 1996.
Canadian Geographic,  "Mingan Islands - Quebec's archipelago park"  September 1996.
International Journal of Wilderness,  "Arctic River Journey - The Impact of a Wilderness  Experience"  March 1997.
Explore,  "Thelon Sanctuary Update"  December 1997.
Nastawgan, “My First Arctic Canoe Trip” (by Eric Ayalik Pelly), January 2000
Canadian Geographic, “Book Review: Fatal Passage” September 2001
Kanawa, “Muskox Love” July 2005
The National Post, “Sanctuary Preserved” December 2005
Arctic Bulletin, “Sanctuary Preserved” January 2006
The Geographical Magazine, “Letter to the editor: Indigenous Knowledge” August 2009