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David F. Pelly Writer, Researcher, Historian, Photographer

A Memoire
Published in 2012
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My father’s memoire, published after his death. JKP originally recounted these stories into a tape recorder in the late 1970s. Subsequently they were transcribed and eventually edited into the narrative account contained in this volume.

Although it includes, briefly, at the outset, an account of his childhood, the principal objective here was to provide an account of his experiences during the Second World War. He was, he would say, just an ordinary man doing his duty. But it was an extraordinary period, which defined him for the rest of his life, in ways that are anything but ordinary.

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JKP: A Memoire
Self-published at Blurb.ca, 2012
Cloth • 200 pages • 6"x 9"
B&W Photos
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Lieutenant J.K. Pelly, Royal Navy, 1944

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Moments after his airplane crashed into the funnel of an aircraft carrier